Gays and lesbians, are you planning to adopt children? Is that something that you want to do?

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  • 2 months ago
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    I'm not homophobic but sorry I am really against gay couples adopting children! That is just immoral. It's just not fair on the child. 

  • Tj
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    2 months ago

    Already have adopted a 12 yo son.

  • 2 months ago

    I'm a panromantic grey asexual female. The love of my life is bisexual, and a mostly feminine soul in a male body, who identifies as non-binary. None of us want kids. And we're both pretty darn relieved that the other person agrees, as far as that goes! In fact..? I've basically always known I don't want to have kids. Ever since I realized that not having them was an option! I was very relieved when I figured out that childfree women exist, and that it's a perfectly legit option to be childfree. As it happens..? I've always disliked kids! (With a rare few noble, adorable exceptions. But.. I still wouldn't want to get stuck having to raise one of them, for 18 years, either!) And my partner also dislikes them, and is in fact somewhat scared of them, even. So no.. We are NOT doing that. I'm currently 31 years of age, and the more I see people around me having kids? And being full-time responsible for a kid? The more I know I've made the right decision, and that ending up in their position would have been my absolute WORST nightmare! I've got no urge to pass on my genes. I've got no urge to create and raise another human, just for the sake of it. Plus I love living my life as an adult, making ADULT connections, and having ADULT conversations, on my own terms. Having to constantly dumb down conversations because a kid is involved..? Utterly f*cking sucks! And I f*cking hate it! Whereas adult conversations are often intensely fulfilling.

    ..I've always suspected that my asexuality, and lack of drive for having heterosexual sex, (or really sex of any kind), is very much a part of why I've also NEVER felt that urge to be a mom, or pass on my genes. Then again, though..? I know some asexual people deeply desire having kids. So.. obviously the two do not ALWAYS go together.

  • 2 months ago

    Well ydni, my husband of 12 years and I have one adopted son.  He had been abandoned by his birth mother and was facing a life in foster care and we all know where that can lead.  He is currently in a loving family with a baby sister (born with the help of a surrogate), three grandparents (one unfortunately died when he was only 4), several loving aunts and uncles and many cousins.  He lives in a neighbourhood with many other children, does well in school, plays two musical instruments (neither one particularly well), participates in sports and is generally a happy child.  Despite your assertion that you are not homophobic, you have demonstrated beyond doubt that you ARE.  There is nothing immoral about my husband and I raising children.  In fact, our children are a lot better off than many children being raised by heterosexual couples and it is YOU who are immoral. So not only did we plan to adopt, we have adopted and we are doing tremendously well as a family.

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