Work receives JobKeeper, good time to ask for a raise?

Not really ask for, I’ve been promised a ridiculously large wage “if you just wait it out” for almost a year.

I started on a 3 month unpaid internship, then minimum wage for 2 months. Then they qualified for JobKeeper which covers my full pay which lasts until September 27 then goes down to $600 subsidised by the government.

That’s 9 months of work they didn’t have to pay a cent for.

With the $600/week government subsidy that will still cover more than half my wage if I get the raise I plan on asking for, and I don’t mind the stipulation of a review once the wage subsidy stops 6 months later, March 28

If they can’t pay less than half of what I want out of their pocket after 9 months of free work then I’m pretty sure the “big money just wait it out” was all a lie and I can get on looking for work elsewhere.

I just want someone else’s opinion. 

I believe if my boss, who’s rich enough to own his own business & invest in property, is getting assistance from the government then some of that should trickle down to the employees, especially since I’m convinced they’re making more now that $750/week of everyone’s pay is subsidised, despite they lost at least 30% of business or whatever the qualification was.

I just want at least $5 above minimum wage, not almost $10 above like I was promised would come when they tried pushing me into full time after JobKeeper rolled out.


I’ll also be taking on more responsibilities of course, my performance has been very limited due to something I don’t have access to. I hope they have seen how much of a hindrance this has been to my work and that once they give me that authority they’ll be getting way more for their money than they currently are.

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  • n2mama
    Lv 7
    6 months ago

    You can ask for anything. What are you prepared to do if they say no (which they likely will if they have lost money and business)? Are you going to quit? It doesn’t sound like you’re in a position where you would be particularly difficult to replace, so that impacts your negotiating power quite a bit. Life is not fair, business is not fair. There are always people high up who get paid a lot, often a lot more than others think is “right” or “fair”, but that’s again, how it goes. I think asking for an increase right now would be pretty stupid on your part and likely to backfire, but do whatever you want.

  • 6 months ago

    Well actually I know nothing. 

    This is my opinion, it’s not fair that a fat cat business man gets almost $15000/week from the government to pay their employees while the poor employees stay on minimum wage. Now alongside the fact that I deserve a raise, is it in other people’s opinion that some of the JobKeeper subsidy should trickle down to the little guys actually keeping the doors open.

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