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Whether its "who created God"or what was there before the Big Bang, our existence will never ever be explained to us and that makes us lost?

more than anything very sad. The point of beginning will NEVER be known. 

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    There was no beginning.  There has always been existence.  Life cannot come from nothing.  Some part of you has always existed.

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    Never undera\estimate the power of unconditional love one has pains-takingly learned .

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    Since time is a function of space, it's entirely possible that the statement 'before' the big bang is nonsensical in and of itself.

    Our inability to know what happened prior to planck time (10 to the -43 power) after the big bang (approximately 13.8 billion years ago) is not 'sad' at all.

    There is an amazing amount of information and knowledge to be had about our universe, and our place in it - and it only increases over time.

    For example - the James Webb Space Telescope (currently slated to launch October 31, 2021) will give us an unprecedented look at our universe - and since the light from the stars that we will see has been traveling for millions of years, it will literally be like looking back in time.

    Ironically, acceptance of science it's not a mutually exclusive concept from belief in 'God' - and there are any number of astrophysicists, astronomers, etc. who are able to hold both in their minds at the same time.

    For some, it is this belief that drives them to learn as much as they can about what they believe is  "God's creation".

    It is only with fundamentalist religious belief systems that attempt to discredit legitimate scientific inquiry (because they view it as 'contradictory' to 'sacred beliefs') that I have issues with.

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  • Surely you have so much of that fanaticism that atheism built you?

    Who created God?   @. Misty: read below, there's mail for you!

    God is Omnipotence, for this reason He created Himself, and He formed His Deity, in the three equal and distinct persons, of, Father, Son, Holy Spirit!Before the so-called Bingo Bongo, there was already God's creation, then, God decided to create mankind, etc.!

    Rather, you, try to convert to God, if you wish to enter His kingdom, which He has promised to all those who seek Him and love Him, through prayers.

    If thou remain in thy Fanaticism, well, thou shalt live in the LORD; but thou shalt be moved into hell after the judgment of God! Clear your syntax?

    @.  ò. Misty: Are you really sure you chose hell?All people who are dark of mind, know that there must be a source of creation, this is God!

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    All bright people know we evolved from lower life.

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    Anyone who assumes that God was "created" knows nothing about God and are not guided people. God is the Creator, not created. He is the One who creates and who creates whomever He wants. Our existence is because of God, God brought us into existence.

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    God’s name is “I Am”. He has always been. He is the Beginning and the End. He has no creator. So we can know I Am, but still won’t fully comprehend how He is (this side of eternity anyway).

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    There are mysteries we can't know.  Science doesn't know them, religion doesn't know them.  So you're talking as if that's a BAD thing?

    The nature of the universe and the human mind is the more we learn, the more questions we ask.  So no matter how much we learn, no matter how advanced we get, the ratio of what we know to what we'd like to know remains constant.  We know more all the time, but we'll never know it all, no matter which path we take.

    But we've adapted to life in the real world!  We like searching for answers. Over time we've become MUCH smarter about how the universe is put together.  That's how we work!  We wouldn't enjoy life without progress in knowledge and ideas.  So as long as we can keep the human race going, we will learn and progress!

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