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How to get over something bad that has happened to you.?

Over a year ago I had an issue with the police where they actually violated the constitution and it caused an inconvenience for me. They unlawfully entered a home I was in and began to search, throw people around and demand things. They gave out underage drinking tickets. I had to take it to court and the prosecutor just dismissed the tickets. But still it really pissed me off. I think about it every single day and it makes me feel sick. I don’t even know if I can trust the police anymore after they pulled that stunt. It is a disgusting thing to do when you unlawfully enter QUIET homes simply because you believe that there may be underage drinking. That is not the America I know. Their are men and women putting their lives on the line for the 4th amendment to even exist and then the cops just wipe their butts with the constitution. Disgusting. They simply walked in without consent or a warrant and began to demand bodily searches as well as ID. How do I get over this? It gives me anxiety everyday.

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    If they had probable cause, they did not enter illegally.  If underage kids were drinking, they had probable cause.  Happens all the time, get over it, the entrance was not illegal.  

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    They are not required to obtain a warrant and consent is not needed when there has been a report of underage drinking.  They have a right to bust in and check people - and they found underage drinkers.  Just because the tickets were dismissed does not mean that you were in the right.  They might have been dismissed because they were the people's first crimes - other than that, no criminal record and due to the nature of it, in a private home, the judge gave them a break.  The police were within their rights.  If the boys were in and out of trouble with the law on numerous occasions, those tickets would NOT have been dismissed, and the homeowner would be charged with providing alcohol to minors.  You all got lucky so quit feeling so raw about it.  You should be feeling grateful that the judge was a nice guy and decided to give you a break, and to all those who got tickets.  Remember that you caused it.  You got lucky.  Now put it behind you and stay on the right side of the law from now on, and you won't get in trouble again.

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