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What can adults do to raise their self-esteem.?

I am 55, and I think I need my self-esteem raised. I’m single, and lonely, it is hard for me to bond with people. I hide this in my life. I’m a manager in the healthcare industry, and my life is spent working and going home. Here’s the situation whenever something goes wrong, Or as bad, I always feel the worst. I always I feel as if the situation won’t change. I made the same bad mistakes in life over and over again and I tried to change my thought process towards situations, but I’m not successful. I am a very needy person because I don’t have interaction with people on a deep level, I truly don’t know how. It’s not easy for me to come out and talk, and I don’t have a social circle. Sometimes I feel as though if I could find a partner that I could talk to about my day today going on and they will listen and encourage me it would make things so much better. I also feel at times if they were some sort of group activities I could get Involved and I will feel better. One thing I noticed in life that when somebody encourages me it’s like my body and mind sucks it up like a sponge. I feel that I need so much more of this in life but I just don’t know how to get it I’ve been trying my whole life. Where do I go from here I’m looking for nontraditional solutions, because online talks about getting involved in this activity or that activity, or talking to a therapist, I’ve tried that nothing has worked. I know the real change is within myself, but I don’t know how to dig it up.

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    1 month ago

    Two suggestions.  Have you tried NLP/CBT to shut sown the negative self-talk or at least but the bad things in perspective so that everything isn't defcon 1?

    Have you thought about a dog, specifically a dog you can work with to do agility training?  It's sociable, it's activity with concrete outcomes, and above all, a good dog loves a good owner with such an unconditional, uncomplicated love that it's hard not to glow in it.

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