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can i wear an animal rights shirt without people assuming i look down on meat eaters/ am crazy?

ive been vegetarian for 12 years, literally half my life at this point and recently finally bit the bullet and became vegan. (i use to drink milk bc cows need to be milked or their udders get red and painful - but decided they should have a life in a field not locked in a tiny pen) - i want to buy a V neck shirt that says "Animal Rights" but i dont want people to think im the type of person who looks down on meat eaters or is crazy. ive never minded if anyone else ate meat and in fact it says its okay in the Bible. I even cook my boyfriend meat dinners all the time. just wanted a shirt that displayed my personal views but idk if anyone will misunderstand me as a person by it.

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    Some people will make assumptions, but it's your actions that matter more. If you treat everyone nicely then it's not objectionable. It's only when you're rude to a particular group that it becomes a problem.

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    It's fine, you do YOU!! Just don't spew your views onto others who do NOT care, capiche?

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    I think that would be like a man with a bushy mustache wearing a T-shirt that says "Gun Rights" but says he's not a gun wacko.

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    Timid women don't make change happen.

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    No, because you cannot control how anyone else reacts to something they see or read.  Anytime a person "advertises" a belief or promotes a position on a topic, other people may make assumption about that person. It doesn't matter whether the statement is political, ethical, religious, or just plan humorous.  

    However we choose to dress, we are making a conscious decision on the image we present to the world. If I wear a tutu and a Sponge Bob t-shirt, you'll definitely make some judgements about me -- and different judgements if I wear a nun's habit, right?

    If you don't want to risk people making assumption about you, don't wear slogan on your clothing. As someone else noted, the "animal rights" term has been used by people who have committed vandalism and assault. You might not want to align yourself with those people by wearing their motto on your chest.  

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    Of course you can. Don’t worry about what other people think of you wearing it.

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    Some t shirts just trigger people, like Vegan, Vegetarian and Proud of it, or MAGA

  • Anonymous
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    It's hard to say because no one can know what other people are going to think.

    Generally, I'd say wear whatever you want (that's legal). There are a couple of things I think you should be aware of though:

    There are people who break the law and do harm in the name of “animal rights”. You're sort of associating yourself with these people and with the people who think the very things you say you don't.

    I believe that the majority of people are completely against animal abuse and cruelty and can understand and even respect people who choose to be vegetarian or vegan.the notion of animals having “rights” though is absurd and just isn't well thought out at all. You might find people looking at you and just shaking their heads or even challenging you on what they assume your beliefs to be. Or, if the shirt just say “animal rights” they may curious and want to know what your views are.

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    You have no control what others think, assume or say, in response to something they happen to see or read on anything you're wearing.

    If they want to know your thoughts, they'll ask, if there care enough. 

  • Andy C
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    Of course people will misunderstand!  You shouldn't let that keep you from voicing your particular opinions.   It's not as if it says "Meat is murder".  THOSE are the crazies.

    My advice for you is to learn as much as you can about the essential amino acids necessary for life as most vegetarians and vegans don't get enough of some or all as no plant sources HAVE them all, except quinoa,  but the amount in quinoa requires eating pounds per day. 

    I am an avid food eater and am very healthy and have the blood test results and knowledge to back my diet.  I'm sorry, but science doesn't currently back vegetarian or vegan diets.

    Invent a food replicator that makes what we need to eat into anything and I will join in being vegan.  Until such a thing is possible,  I'll enjoy my animal products as we all are predators. 

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