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Do you think I have diabetes? ?

I just got bloodwork and will be having my test results back soon ! I was curious what this sounds like - so over the past year or so I have noticed that if I have something with a lot of sugars or fruit - I will can get heart palpitations, headaches , really bad disorientation and dizziness and sometimes paleness - when I eat low carb and very little sugars - I can avoid most of this symptoms and they are a lot less but at other times - I will feel really weak and I have a sip of soda and that helps with the weakness but I can’t have too much of the soda - also there are other times when I have had cold sweats and overall have felt very ill and pale - people in my family would say “it’s probably just anxiety” but I really felt like it is something else because I didn’t have that problem two years ago - I am 26 and thin - 4’11” and 107 pounds - And The only time I drank a lot of alcohol was a few years ago in college - I know it’s possible still for anyone to get anything like diabetes - I will know soon - but does it sound like diabetes to you or something else ?

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    Doesn’t sound like anything particularly, and diabetes would certainly get worse over a year, weakness not a first symptom.  Wait for your blood work.

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