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iTunes not in Alphabetical order?

So basically the problems are these, there is a song called the dance by Garth Brooks. When I transfer it to my iPod, it automatically goes the d section and it is now labeled dance. I have organised the library by title. Properly filled out the artist title and gone to the download folder and renamed it there with no change.  The other problem is that the artist name doesn't appear under the song as it should despite filling everything out correctly. Is there a fix for these or is this just how it's supposed to be? Thanks. 

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    You are finding that iTunes does what IT wants, not us.  To some extent, you can change information, as another responder said.  But they are MANY instances where the internal coding of the download or CD just will not comply.  As a professional classical musician with thousands of CDs, I have ripped many into i Tunes - and also use a big music library datbasing program ( all the info, no audio - for cataloging).  There is often a sorting disparity between the 2, because their functions are different.

    Save yourself anguish - get used to D for Dance. "The" is dropped in many sitting systems.  Let it go . . . 

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    Right click the song.  Click Song Info.  Enter the information you want.  Save.

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