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anyone else shout at their computer sometimes when it is sluggish? why? is it not stupid?

I was shouting earlier at it saying "GOD DAM THIS MOTHER F_____ THING!!!" and after i felt childish or mentally true or why normal?


i dont use this type of language much, but maybe i saw this behaviour on a movie and i am copying it or why i would speak like this to a computer?

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    6 months ago
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    No, I have an older computer that is still quite awesome for its age. Any slowness for me is generally due to increasingly and unnecessarily script bloated websites that have done nothing but get worse and slower over time. I hate that BS. My computer outside of those sites is typically fine so it isn't my machine and I love this trusty old thing.

    Oh, and whoever invented infinite scrolling can burn in hell for starters. And the designers of slow loading news websites that insist on having a video on every frigging page now, even when it isn't related to the article... horrible.

  • 6 months ago

    they sneak stuff into your computer to slow it down. delete anything that says coupons

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