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Was this correct protocol?

When I was 14 and going out for sports, I had to get a physical exam. The doctor conducting the physical exam was a woman and I remember my mother took me as well. When it came time to examine my genitalia, my mom was in the room and said she covered her eyes, but the doctor (for some reason) called in another employee that was at the front desk. The other employee contributed nothing to the exam at all, she was just called in there for it and that was it; she left right after.

So my question is was that proper protocol? Like had me and my mom, at the time, picked up on the situation could we have gotten that doctor reported or in trouble. It’s been 8 years since that happened and it’s nothing that haunts me and nothing that can be done now, but I was just reflecting and found it slightly unnerving that 3 women were in the room in one of my most vulnerable and, at that age, embarrassing moments; one woman being in there for no reason. This along with the fact that other physicals I’ve had, which weren’t conducted by a female, didn’t have anyone in the room besides me and the one examining. So I ask again, was this proper protocol on the doctor’s end?

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  • Edna
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    2 months ago

    Yes - that was the correct protocol.  Any time a doctor (male doctor or female doctor) is physically examining a patient (especially a patient's  genitalia), it's required that an employee of the clinic (preferably a licensed nurse) be present in the room while the exam is taking place. 

    In my opinion, your mother shouldn't have been in the room at all. It must have been very embarrassing for you, to have your mother present. When you were 14, you didn't NEED your mother to be present in the room - you weren't exactly a baby who needed his mommy. 

  • D_21
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    2 months ago

    She's in there to protect you and the doctor. They have another person in the room during pelvic exam to guard against inappropriate behavior.

    There have been incidents before where patients were sexually molested or raped by doctors. If there's no one else in the room then it's the patient's word against the doctor's word. How do you determine who is more credible/believable? That's really hard to decide who to believe. Either side may have reasons for lying.

    In an effort to prevent that situation from occurring, many health offices now have policy in place about having another health professional  in the room during exams, or especially pelvic exams & gynecological procedures.

    It's very standard practice. I know you might have felt weird about it at the time, but the intention is to protect your safety.  Which is extra important when you're in that vulnerable position, where you're really placing a lot of trust in the doctor.

    Good question though! I'm glad you noticed it. That's good to be curious about how things work, and why things are the way they are. Or why we do things certain ways. I would encourage you to speak up in situations where you're uncomfortable. Especially in a healthcare setting! I think many health professionals welcome questions. Don't be afraid to ask about things. If they're not willing to answer, that can be sign that something isn't right.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Perfectly on the up and up. There should ALWAYS be another person in the room when a woman is being examined, especially if it is a male doctor doing an intimate female exam.. The "Chaperone" is there to protect you and the doctor, from some over zealous inappropriate accusations by the patient or the doctor which unfortunately happen far too often. There are many many cases every year of doctor sexual abuse so it's better to be safe than sorry.

    If you find yourself alone with a male doctor Always, Always ask for someone else to be in the exam room with you. If they say you don't need one walk out and find another doctor who will respect your wishes.

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  • 2 months ago

    I suspect the doctor just followed correct protocol when he requested a woman staff member be present when examining a woman's genitalia.


  • J
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    2 months ago

    It’s proper procedure. They ask another person to be present to avoid any inappropriate behavior or false accusations. You could have requested a man do the exam instead. If one wasn’t available, I’m sure they could have just skipped that part or done it another time. You have a right to feel comfortable with your doctor. 

  • 2 months ago

    Yes it’s proper protocol. Minors must have parents present, and sensitive exams generally have another healthcare worker present. These are professionals and are not interested in your genitals. This is pretty much protocol even with male examiners now. You are being too sensitive especially 8 years on, it’s a professional exam.

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