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What should i do ladies ?

babydaddy and i off and on almost 7 years. Mainly cause he kept getting incarcerated.  Anyhow this time around he keeps bringing up that i shouldve never came back..... I wanted my kids to see their dad. But only difference this time around i have my first car and first job.. his mother didnt want him in her home .... long story short , i got kicked out , lost my job was homeless , hotel to hotel (my money of course), slept at his mom time to time .. now we have our spot because of MY mother. He felt comfortable enough to do and go down wrong paths. That resulted actions on me.... now that i fell out of love with him he saying im messed up and all that. If he go back to his mom , they will just throw him out on the streets. I see that he has it all good , no job , free car, free roof and food. Its getting irritating because he isnt respectful at all. Im constantly in a different room just to avoid arguments with him.  Im trying to get him to leave but he wont....... i want him to leave on his own free will no police involved. 

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    I'd start by not referring to him as your babydaddy.  Too ghetto.

    Evict him.

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