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 Even if there is a moral law, a law that ensures every moral wrong is ultimately paid for, sooner or later, one way or the other, is....?

still not evidence that there exists a Moral-Law-Maker-Creator-Being. mmmm..k? @ Theists.

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    The source of "moral law" has yet to be explained, lacking a belief in a "Supreme Being".

  • Archer
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    One will find, if they actually understand what morality is, that it was never based in the gods. Society developed "Socially Acceptable Behaviors" long before we began to question our existence. Social animals also demonstrate a morality within theirs so it isn't even uniquely a human perception or activity but a necessity for any species to exist in a communal and cooperative group. The transition which associated morality to the 'gods' was in the beginning expulsion from the group meant death which was deemed as "deserved" or a price one paid was easy to associate with the first gods for how better to impose than to base it in the ultimate fear death itself. We have not always worshipped the gods of today now have we!

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    You are such an idiot in so many ways, demon

  • zach
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    Exactly, law comes from human beings who have a vested interest in working together for the common good. Even if I hate every person that exists I still have to share space with them it’s mutually beneficial that we have laws and a justice system. We are a social species.

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  • 2 months ago

    So like life, and the universe you think they just poofed into being unbidden and unplanned

    that's just plain stupid

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Where did that moral-law evolve from then?

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