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Big Boi from Outkast sucks and is just holding Andre 3000 from his true potential Agree/Disagree?

When people say Outkast is one of the greatest groups ever i think they just mean Andre 3000, because Big Boi is definetly not in the top 10 Mcs of all time, or even in the top 200 MC's of all time. In my opinion his lyrics are rude, vulgar, childish, elementary" and they give Outkast a bad image in the U.S.  

Even Eminem says in his song if he made a list of the greatest rappers Andre 3000 would be in it (notice how he did not say Big Boi) 

If you also notice Outkast has not made an album in over 20 years and Andre 3000 has not spoken to Big Boi. (I think he knows Big Boi is holding him back)  

I think instead Andre 3000 and his childhood friend Ceelo Green/Gnarls Barkley working together would be straight fire 🔥 🔥


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