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What am I doing wrong when making fried chicken?

I have tried making fried chicken at home a few times recently. I keep having the same issues:

1. The batter doesn't get truly crispy. It feels crispy to the touch, but feels soft when biting into it.

2. The batter doesn't quite stick to the chicken - it doesn't fall off, but air pockets keep forming between the chicken and batter.

I am using flour and spices for the batter, with egg to make it stick to the chicken.


I am frying at 350, which is what is recommended based on my research.

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  • You need to dig into the website Serious Eats. They test the hell out of everything and explain it all in detail. Some of their methods are a bit unusual (this fried chicken that they fry at a high temp then finish in the oven) but they always work. https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2015/07/the-fo...

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    6 months ago

    Try using cornstarch instead of flour, add some baking powder. You can try at 375F if it still doesn't satisfy.

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    Might be that you are frying at too low of a temperature (both things you describe are signs of too low of a temperature). Make sure you are using enough oil and not overloading the pan because the temperature will drop when you put the chicken in the fryer.

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