What should I do about this interview?

The first part of the interview was fine. I answered all of the questions. Then they asked me why they could not contact two of my former employers and I explained that I contracted COVID at one job and and I explained a reasons for the second (company culture). I did not get business cards to send thank you letters. I told them I could work with COVID patients if I had proper PPE but that I did not have proper PPE at the first job and there was an outbreak in the building. (This was a SW job). My first interview was fine. This was a second interview for a SW job.

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  • 2 months ago

    SW - social work??

    A social worker should have some kind of common sense.

    You don't tell an employer they can contact a former employer.  You roll the dice and hope the former employer would not talk to them.

    "I did not have proper PPE"  HUH?  if you don't feel like you have the appropriate equipment, you bring your own. 

    - Amazon has a box of 20 KN95 masks for $16.  This will last a year if you maintain them correctly (can be re-worn about 20 times)

    - Target has super cute cloth masks with filter compartment for $2 a piece.  You use a normal paper towel as the filter. 

    - Amazon has face shields 10 for $30 (which are reusable); really nice reusable thick plastic one for $20.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    What do you mean?  The interview is over.  There are no re-dos.

    Why does contracting COVID mean your former employer cannot be contacted?  

    As far as you not meshing with the workplace culture, that shouldn't preclude you from receiving a positive reference as long as you behaved yourself appropriately.

    Odd that you're a social worker but can't find a way to be more diplomatic or work/play well with others.   At least that's the impression you've left me with.

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