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Was it the lentils that did this?

OK so I had some lentil soup for lunch today it was just a quick thing I had to work and all that and no bread.  Then all afternoon I was feeling things moving around in there and man oh man by like 4:00 I was dropping DEPTH CHARGES!!!  Like my colleagues were just dieing (even the ones in the other room because of corona virus).

I tried to squeeze out a huge **** but it didn't come only a few nuggets (but they were stinky ones let me tell you).  So I'm wondering why this happens, usually I have bread with lentil soup?

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    Yep.  Almost everything that grows is starch based.  Starch converts to sugar in your colon and the yeast there produces FARTS and other nasty's.

    On a good note, DUMPING IS HEALTHY.  So it vomiting, but it's not as pretty.

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