Computer equipment needed to host application?

I'm wondering what kind of equipment it takes to run or host an application(only one app) you've created that would only allow the user access to the app from one device at a time? Also they will download the app pay for access to the service from one device at a time. I will need to be able keep tabs on each user and the number of devices they're signed onto etc.The service is a one time fee and they forever have access to the content in the app. What kind of software and equipment will I need.

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  • Mmm J
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    We need more detail.

    1) If this is a "mission critical app", then we need to understand your plans for redundancy. Will the redundant server be in a different data center - or your garage or other room that is not a data center?

    2) We need to understand what happens when there is a power outage. If the server(s) are not on alternative backup power sources, is that a problem? What's your SLA (Service Level Agreement) with the end users?

    3) We need to understand your plans for connecting the server(s) to the internet. Better if the servers are in a tier 1 data center as they are closest to the main internet connection gateways (which means best/lowest ping/response time.

    4) We need to understand what data backups will be needed for when the hard drive crashes. We're assuming the computer needs to be on 24/7/365.

    5) We need to understand what security you be using for malware, DDOS attacks and ransomware.

    The above three items matter - If none are important, then get the least expensive computer you can, set it up with an Apache server and use whatever.

    Better to rent the space/time in a data center and use their services and expertise. And if everything works properly, best would be to make it cloud-based...

    All the above - and more - are why you see no shopping list of stuff to get. You have not provided enough information.

  • John
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Clearly you are dreaming or you would know these things if you could make an app worth that trouble. It's not a device, it is software and I don't know the nuts and bolts of it either. Every time you log into Chrome browser from a new device it sends you an email telling you that. As does Netflix and Facebook. Simple enough. Software keys and all that.

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