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My sister claims I chocked her. I did grab her by the shoulders and shook her. Might she have thought she was being chocked?

She became hysterical like no one I have seen in my life and stayed up all night fearing I would come for her. She was blocking the bathroom door as we had to share the bathroom on the family trip and I told her to "grow the hell up *****" and then shook her shoulders saying, "move out of the way, you are 26 years old and not three". My folks said I did nothing wrong and sent my sister home. However, a year later she will not speak to me and resents when my parents see me. So my question is, might she think I chocked her when I was shaking her shoulders? She has abused me verbally for years so I lost it with her. I am 10 years older and male so while my parents say I did nothing wrong I think I did cross a line grabbing a woman. 

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    Chocked? I assume you mean choked. Yes, if it was traumatic then she may remember it as worse then it was. Recommend she get counseling. Try not to choke if mad, even if your family says it is okay, your observation is right that it is not a good idea to shake a woman even if she is family. 

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    Are you saying choked her or shook her or shocked her or something else?

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    You should look up "chocked" in the dictionary. 

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