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Issues with my boyfriend and buying cars back to back.?

My boyfriend has been buying brand new Mercedes Benz off the lot paid in full recently. His Brother-in-law started a 2nd business having a dealership where he ships luxury cars from here (Canada) to China etc. and has my boyfriend going around to Mercedes dealerships etc. and buying them under his name and credit (bro in law gives him money first). I warned my boyfriend this isn’t a good idea especially if he ever got audited and has nothing to show. 

My boyfriend wants to keep doing it as he gets money for doing this (only $300) and my boyfriend is putting his name on the line for multiple cars. 

What’s your opinion? Thanks. 

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    I think you already know the answer.  There's nothing ok about this.  Also, I don't think your goal should be to talk him out of it.  The fact that he's doing this is a big red flag.  The only exception might be if this is a long term relationship (like 5-10 years) and he has a track record of making sound decisions and being there for you.  In that case, if marriage is in your future plans, you still need to tell him to stop this, because once married, his credit and finances will directly affect yours.

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    2 months ago

    i think your boyfriend is an idiot and not financially responsible. rethink this relationship so you don't end up in debt if you two EVER marry. ridiculous. 

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