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Ever since my Mom divorced my Dad she tells me he "left us" and this makes me feel he rejected me. What do I do?

She left him but he had not tried in the marriage so she says that makes him the guilty party and then goes into how he "left us". "Us" means he left me also. Now I am scared of him and scared maybe he does not like me or will stop liking me if I am not perfect. As a result I am hyper nice to him and normal nice to my mother. I spoil him at Father's Day like a parent spoils their 5 year old on Christmas. My mother on Mother's Day I say "happy Mother's Day" and that is it. It is not that I favor one over the other but I fear the rejection of my Dad since my Mom says he left us. 


What do I do?  

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    You talk to someone.  You join a group.  You go into private therapy.


    You should realize that you cannot buy love.  Treat your parents equally.

    And your mother should be aware that if she turns you against your father or causes you to think that he left you, she can - and will, if it's reported to the authorities - lose custody.

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    Tell your mother the more she does that the more you are going to be nice to him. That should shut her up. 

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