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Is it normal or a mental illness?

I thought I've had something mentally wrong with me since I was a child. I was worried I had schizophrenia because I used to see shadows all the time, but I was (unfortunately) born into a family that doesn't believe in either western medicine or mental illnesses. They lead me to believe it was some kind of psychic gift. I'm older and Its only gotten more aggressive. When I'm upset I can't help but hit myself and there is this voice in my head that tries to egg me on to make things worse. The reason I don't think its schizophrenia (not fully) is because I know its in my head, I know no body else can hear it, but I can't control it. Its weird to explain, its kind of like an evil doppelganger that lives in my head. Like an imaginary friend, but if that friend was Satan. Like I know no one else can see it but it doesn't stop it from sounding and feeling real. I'm scared. I've already made an appointment to see a doctor but I'm just looking for an opinion on what it could be. 

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    While it is much more likely if you are a female it does sound like you are gifted.  You did not ask to be gifted but you are. Usually it feels a lot like "crazy" people do not understand it, how to deal with it or whats going on. You know you are different but can't explain it and no one will ever listen.  You feel differently about people, situations and experience things more intensely than anyone you know.  You are possibly extremely emotional and many other things. 

    I have no idea though.....  I've worked with gifted women. If you get bored and want to BS.... You can email:

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    It sounds like obsessive-compulsive disorder. It's where you have strange thoughts and urges. The person with obsessive/compulsive disorder has thoughts to do the

    exact opposite of what they want, or feelings that they

    don't want, or don't recognize as a part of themselves that focus on what they fear the most. It's accompanied by a lot of anxiety.

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    Yes this does sound typical of schizophrenia and I'm glad that you've made plans to see a doctor.

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