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What are your thoughts on my coworker?

I am a 24 year old male and I have been working with this female coworker for close to 1 year.Some background information,I have a girlfriend that I have been with for 5 years and my female coworker is also in a relationship for 3 years Since she has started we have instantly hit it off.My coworker and I always go for a walk during lunch and grab lunch together sometimes.She does flirt and touch my arm when she is talking sometimes and likes to come over and talk at my desk for extended periods of time through out the day.Every morning she will come talk to me right away to see how my night was and talk for about 20 minutes.

She texts me long messages during off work hours as well and likes to flirt and send wink emojis.I do not want to be rude so I usually send short responses but she always responds to the texts with questions to keep the conversation going.She likes to complain to me during the work days if something is going on she is not happy about.When she talks about her boyfriend she always says it is difficult because they live in different states and says one day at a time and if he does not work out the next one will.I find it weird she talks like this especially when since she posts on facebook that he is her favorite and things like that.Do you think this coworker is trying to make a move on me or looks at me more as a friend?I am confused whether she views me as a friend or is trying to make a move. I view her only as a friend but her actions are confusing me

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    I definitely think she is taking advantage of you since her bf is out of town. I would be honest with her about boundaries and how she is treating you like a boyfriend. She definitely sounds flirtatious and you need to let her know it is not okay. 

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    Tell your coworker you view her as a friend only.  Respond kindly to her as a coworker only.

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