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Should I have said thank you?

I work in an office with 11 other women. The company is installing a new computer system and one of their employees (BOB) is training us to use the new system. Bob is in his mid 20s, single and a GREAT looking guy. He makes all of want to be 10-15 years younger when we see him. He is also a VERY NICE guy. We call him a lot asking for help with the new computer system and some of my work mates even make up problems just so they can call him for help.

Bob saw my name (June XXX) on my desk and said to me “I have a friend John XXX”. Is that a relative? I told him sort of. John XXX is my ex husband. Bob said “I know John and I have seen John’s current girlfriend”. “I can see John is carrying on the tradition of dating only beautiful women”.

I think there is a compliment in there someplace or is that just wishful thinking on my part?

What do you think? Should I have said thank you?

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    Seeing people who come do work within your workplace as an object is not very complimentary on your part. He is a person. He also shouldn't have said that.

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    No, that was a highly inappropriate comment for him to make at the workplace. 

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