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Exactly how is alcohol "dangerous" for someone but not others?

You see anti-alcohol propoganda a lot of places. And your dad seems to belive all this bs despite drinking beer when he watch baseball. So how exactly does a small bottle of beer now and then hurt a extremely mature 15yo girl more than her father? The father in question found her stash, grounded her until a friend of her tattled about who sold them the beer, so the daughter has certainly served her times as unjust as it was.

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     I suffer from Alcohol addiction & can attest this zxvqpgj

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  • 2 months ago 15 you haven't totally developed.  Honestly it well could hurt you more than him.

  • 2 months ago

    You're not an adult and your brain isnt fully formed yet. That's the difference. Plus it's illegal so get over it

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    1) It's illegal for a 15 year old to drink or to possess alcohol in most places in the world. A parent has the right and the responsibility to stop illegal activities from happening in his or her home.

    2) A 15 year old isn't finished growing, physically, mentally or emotionally, and since using alcohol can affect all of those, it's best if young people don't drink until they're closer to being 'finished'. You can say mature all you want. A 15 year old is still very young. Nowhere near as mature in every way as they will be when they're 30, though people who use alcohol extensively often never grow up emotionally. The younger you start using it, the more likely you are to end up abusing it. Those are FACTS, not opinions.

    You're right that a small bottle of beer now and then won't harm a 15 year old. What the father is trying to prevent is getting a 15-to-20 year old who goes out and gets plastered once a week or more, thereby doing some damage that may last a lifetime. That is especially true for women, whose bodies don't cope as well with alcohol as men's bodies do.

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    I was in detox and seen women, they seemed to suffer more, had more health problems, cried more, bit their nails more, most wouldn't talk to me but one did and said the women were all more embarrassed about toilet problems which can happen. Sure not everyone gets addicted but it's worrying and it would be better if it wasn't made at all.

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    The parents of a 15 year old is responsible for their well-being and for them obeying the law. Any parent who didn't take some kind of action when they discovered their 15 year old daughter had a stash of alcohol would be HIGHLY irresponsible if they took no action. Also, when the 15 year old is able to legally buy alcohol and has a home of their OWN they can have as much alcohol their as they like.

    To answer your question though:

    1/ Some people would say it was “dangerous” to let a 15 year old break the law.

    2/ It is certainly potentially “dangerous” for a child to be regularly consuming alcohol. Would you allow a two year old to drink alcohol whenever they wanted?  What about a seven year old? Or a twelve year old? Or how about just saying only adults can do that?

    The fact that you have posted this and said what you have said proves just how immature you are. Laws regarding drinking alcohol are intended to protect children like yourself. They¡re not a punishment.

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    I'll be honest, a 15 year old that has a stash of booze, is going to develop issues with drinking in the future. That is just how it works.  Especially for those who get all butt hurt about being busted over it and loosing it.

    The younger one starts, the high % chance of developing issues when older. That is a known.  Comparing what a grown adult does to a kid, shows a huge maturity disconnect.

    Even in adults, Booze has different impacts on different people. Booze is not broken down by all in the same manner.

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    2 months ago

    A small bottle? Like what? 8 ounces? Now it's a bottle of beer now and then, then it becomes a six pack, then a bottle of vodka, then she is a full blown alcoholic who is banging strangers because she can't afford to buy her liquor. Then she becomes legal age and is whoring at the bars to get drunk. Then she wakes up in the gutter covered in vomit, and wants to know why her family is making a big deal about it, after all, it's her life, right?

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    2 months ago

    Alcohol clouds judgement, and no matter how mature you claim to be, everyone becomes an idiot when they drink too much. Add drinking with teen hormones, and it's a catastrophe. I've been there plenty of times. I drank a lot in my teens. I was a moron. 

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