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I’ve been accused of taking a family member for granted, but I don’t understand. He’s never done anything for me. How can I be grateful?

Slash appreciative?

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  • Pearl
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    6 months ago

    ask god to help you with that

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    First, where did you hear about it? From them? Then talk with him. Maybe he doesn't really think that, but just feels unlistened to or not as close as he thought you were. If it WASN'T him you heard it from, then you could still ask him, but be aware someone else might have just been trying to start something. Maybe THEY thought you were taking advantage of your relative. So they said something without his knowing it.

    Second, try to recall the times they listened to you tell stories or they showed up at events to support you or shared a post of yours or whatever kind thing they might have done. Some people keep track of their kindness. Others don't do that, but they DO notice if none is coming their way. They might use this to inform them in future decisions on how to use their time.

    You can be grateful they care enough about talking with you that they'd tell you this stuff. Some people don't and they go whine behind someone's back and the person never knows. You can also be grateful if you enjoy them as a person and let that inspire you to ways you can do things for them.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    You would have to ask that person. They obviously think they've been there for you. Maybe they never gave you anything monetarily but maybe they've been there for you during break ups or other hard times. Maybe they listen to you vent and talk about yourself incessantly or are always willing to hang out when you ask but you're never there for them. Try to think about times that the person was there for you. If this person helped raise you and supported you and you truly can't think of any reason you have to be grateful that they helped you, then you're probably the as*hole here.

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