I had a terrible boss in my most recent job. What do I say when the interviewer asks “What would your most recent boss say about you?”?

He was paranoid. He never gave out work. He always thought that you wanted to steal his job. He always talked down to you and called you names. He lied to others and said that you were doing a terrible job (even when others told you that HE was doing a terrible job and that THEY knew that YOU were doing a good job). He always micromanaged you and needed permission for everything, including using the restroom. He gave you a bad performance review. 

So how would you answer this question as positively as you can and not only not say something negative about your boss but also have something to say about what he would say.

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  • Tavy
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    6 months ago
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    I have never been asked this Q, in your case  I would say,  he would say, I'm a reliable hard worker, and leave it at that.

    Never Ever criticise a former Employer at an interview.

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