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Cats not getting along?

What is going on here?           

           My girlfriend moved in a few months back. I have 1 cat, and she had 2. It took my cat a while to warm up, but she okay now. There is the thing I am confused about. She tends to mother over my girlfriends female cat. My cat will groom her, my cat will sleep with her, and my cat is the one who get annoyed when my girlfriends female cat wants to play with her.           My girlfriend also has a male cat, and her two cats are always chasing each other, and play fighting. My cat doesn't like her male cat. She will still his at him if he looks at her. Sometimes I think he will try to torment her, but he's never hurt her.         What is going on here?

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    Male cats are known to commit infanticide, killing kittens so that female cats can come back into heat sooner. As a result female cats often have female cat friends and they look after each other's kittens, even nursing them, while the mother cat is away hunting for food. That reduces the chance of a male cat killing the kittens. Your girlfriend's 2 cats have made friends with one another. They play fight because that is what young cats like to do. Your own cat is probably past that stage, and she does not want to play fight any more. Cats can read each other's body language. If your girlfriend's male cat wants to play fight with your female cat, and she does not want to play, she will let him know through body language and through protest calls. Male cats like to play fight more than females because playing is how young cats learn to be adults. Adult male cats are territorial, and they will fight for real with other male cats when they are all grown up. But they need practice as kittens, so they like to play fight. BTW I saw a male kitten picking a fight with an adult male cat. It is one of the funniest cat videos I have seen. The adult male can esily destroy the pint sized kitten but he was very patient and played with the little rascal again and again

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