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Please explain why it's better to host website on another web-host like hostgater versus being hosted by wordpress?

Please explain why it's better to host website on another web-host like hostgater versus being hosted by wordpress

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    Your real question whether to use or host separately. handles technical issues automatically, such as backup and hacker prevention, but lacks all the development options of hosting separately with version from Dollar for dollar, hosting it elsewhere can be much cheaper, as there is an extra fee at to have full access. An additional feature of a hosted version is you get an email account automatically. However, if a person knows wordpress, but is not familiar with PHP or htaccess or techniques to prevent hacking and prefers to have the technical functions handled transparently, then can be a good choice.

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    Every host offers different services.  You need to determine what requirements you need.  Do you need them to provide you with email accounts?  Do they offer extras like credit card processing and a store front program.  Do you need those?  Will they allow you to add your own scripts to your site?  Or are you limited to ones that they provide?  What do they offer in the way of SEO, reports, etc?  Then compare what each one cost per month with the features you want.

    You may find that hosting at wordpress is a good choice for you.  Or you may find that another host has the features you want and a better price.

    Without knowing what you need and what you want to spend, none of us can guess of wordpress is the best host for you.

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    As you already know, getting a burger from McDonald's is better than getting one from Burger King or Wendy's, which is why Burger King and Wendy's have gone out of business.

    You have to look at the features and costs and decide what fits YOUR needs.

    Obviously, Wordpress is doing a lot of things right because a lot of people have chosen them, but Hostgator is also highly rated.

    And, of course, there are other good hosting sites.

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