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If I lose all my weight in body fat will my body fat go down to zero? My  fat  is 64 pounds my weight is 216 pounds my body fat is 30%?

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    No. You can't have zero % body fat. ESSENTIAL body fat % for women is 10-13%, but recommended is 14-24% depending on how athletic the woman is. Anything over 32% is considered obese.


    The idea with fat loss is to lose EXCESS fat, not to lose all body fat. SOME body fat is required for good health. Humans aren't designed to be completely fat free (especially females). Men can get down to 2 - 5% body fat (athletes) and be okay. For women, under 10% is not healthy. See the source link for more info. 

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    All human beings NEED some body fat. Our brains and bodies cannot function healthily without it.  Women cannot have periods and become pregnant without some body fat.

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    No, but you don’t want that.  You want 8-12% body fat, for your health.  It’s physically impossible to have 0, but even body builders can only stay at about 2-3 for a few days, and even then they sometimes die because of it.  30% is higher than you need, but you could be very happy and healthy at 15%.  

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    Not even the most toned athlete has 0% body fat. It's literally impossible. Athletic women are in the range of 14 to 20 percent body fat and athletic men are between 6 and 13 percent body fat.

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