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Am I thinking too much about this?

This pandemic has been stressful on our house. I live with two other roommates, one being my best friend. She suffers from anxiety/depression, as do I. 

Lately, she's been avoiding coming into the front room other than to eat; actually, she never leaves her room unless it's to eat, exercise, or work. She's mostly stopped talking to me unless I initiate anything and anything I say she says that she thinks she's upset me and retreats back to her room, even though I tell her I'm not. But every day she tells me she's having a not good mental day, and is silent during the one hour we're in each other's presence during lunch but giggles at her computer, giving me short answers when I ask what it is, and as soon as she's finished and puts her dishes away she's right back in her room to 'take a nap' ... but then five minutes later I'm hearing laughing and voices from a speaker voice chat group.

She's in her room from the moment she's finished with lunch until she goes on her evening walk hours later, and then she comes out for dinner - again, only in the same room for an hour before she's 'tired and needs to go to bed', but then I see her being active again in the shared chatroom and Twitter until late.I've tried talking with her about it but she gets defensive and insists it's just my anxiety but any time I go into her room (which she told me I was always welcome in), the laughter stops and the speaker chat is much quieter until I leave.

Am I overthinking this, or is it the end?

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