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What exercises help with weight loss?

I’m trying to get back a healthy lifestyle, and  I want to know if there are any weight loss exercises suitable for those under 18

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    Simple, just walk 3 to 10 miles a day.

    More than that is "feel good".

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    Any cardio exercise will help burn some extra calories daily, but the real key to fat loss is what you eat (a healthy diet with a slight calorie deficit, daily). 

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    Weight loss is 80% diet, so the best "exercise" is to get your calorie consumption under control while improving the nutritional quality of the foods you eat.

    That noted, you can and should do any variety of exercises.  

    1.  Cardio or aerobic exercise that increases your heart rate will also increase your caloric burn. These exercises include any number of dance or plyometric workouts you can find on YouTube -- just search for "cardio" -- or you can run, jump rope, ride a bike, use an elliptical trainer, or any number of other things.  

    2. Muscle burns fat.  Any type of strength or weight training will help develop muscle strength and definition.  There are lots of body weight workouts that don't require any equipment (think squats, pushups, etc.) you can find Youtube workouts that combine the cardio and bodyweight exercises.  There are also lots of routines you can find using hand weights or bands, and others that require "gym" equipment.  

    As a teenager, you should probably stick to cardio and body weight exercises. Many teens do lift weights but you really need to be under the supervision of a trainer so that you are safe. If that isn't an option, just doing a daily 30-minute workout will deliver results.  A key is to focus on technique (form and range of motion) rather than speed.  Doing one full push up will deliver better results than 10 little pumps that don't actually engage the muscles.  Always follow modifications until you have mastered the exercise. 

    Below are links to just a few of the hundreds of workouts out YouTube.

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail


    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail


    Youtube thumbnail

    Another way to get exercise into your life are sports.  Right now that is difficult, but hiking, shooting hoops, riding a bike, or playing tennis or soccer are great and fun ways to burn calories and improve your fitness.  

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