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In addition to losing weight, what else should I do to my appearance in order to be beautiful ?

I need braces again 😔

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    Hair. Hair, hair hair hair hair. You hairstyle is doing less than nothing for you. Everytime you post a picture I see little improvements but you still have that long limp nothing hair. It's dragging your facial features down. You need a style to lift them up. You can spend thousands on weight loss, liposuction and facial surgery but until you get those ratty ends cut off and start looking after your hair the other stuff is for naught. With a better hair style and perhaps a bit of cosmetic dentistry  you won't need anything else. Those two can and will make a huge difference. A sleek chin length bob will look modern and contemporary. Something like these layered long bobs: or those loose medium fringed bobs:  will make your hair look thicker, healthier and lift your facial features without surgery. 

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    your style, hair, and eyebrows! 

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    stop trolling on here as no one even cares

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