How can I get rid of upper abdominal bloating ?

For a few days now I have been feeling mildly nauseated, fatigued, and my upper body (from my upper abdomen to my chest and upper back) has just been feeling heavy. I am also constipated. I have a history of GERD so I think it’s a GERD exacerbation. Any advice?

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    I have GERD. The bloating could be from many different factors in your eating habits. Some food have fiber, spices and fat that could agitate your digestion. The constipation is not enough water or fiber. One health problems we deal with is stress or anxiety which can disrupt our body function. Talk to a doctor to make sure it's not Cancer or IBS. Take some over the counter medicine for bloating and if it doesn't work than it's a more serious illness. I feel it's stress. I have noticed that when I have too much fatty acid in my body. For example, after I eat a rice bowl with chicken I feel so bloated as though I ate three bowl of rice but it was only two or three spoon full of rice. We know rice has starch in it so it's difficult for some to digest which may cause bloating or too much gas. If going to the doctor is uncomfortable try to modify your eating and exercise to eliminate the discomforts of bloating. If taking medicine is not for you than try natural foods even though some may suggest Apple Cider or Baking Soda remedies just make sure it accommodates your GERD. Also, being nervous can cause the constipation and bloating in your body. Always remember that every person will have different solutions and their body will never be the same. Take time to know your body function as we age things do change over time. If it helps make a log sheet of what time you ate and what you ate which will help with the bloating. One more example, when I eat after 5 pm and it's only a small serving I have noticed I feel nauseous and I feel like I want to go to sleep. I try not to have too much spice in my food even sodas can agitate the bloating so I already know the discomforts of my bloating. Hope you find what will help with your situation.

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    6 months ago

    Our bodily orifices begin where our minds end.

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