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Why does my cat bite me?

I thought this question would have asked before but anyway. Why does my cat bite me when I'm stroking him in way that I think is nice? I've heard that this affection but I can't understand that?

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    he is annoyed with u touching him. not all cats like to be stroked. i know my cat absolutely hates it, when he sees my hand approaching his head he folds his ears and squats down as if preparing to be hit. i have never hit him ever in my life. nobody ever did. that much he hates human touch

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    Cats are just unpredictable.

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    Cats can be very unpredictable, your cat probably just suddenly got annoyed 

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    You are over stimulating him.... stop using your hands and play with him with a toy ( on a stick) that way he doesn't get into the habit of biting you ( which you do not want) and if he get excited about the toy, he can kick or bite that releasing the energy he uses now to bite you

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    Biting or nipping? A love nip is different and is usually not painful, quick, and met with more purrs and head bonks. A bite is hard, painful, with a look that says "don't touch me anymore."

    Over-stimulation is REAL. When you pet your cat, it can be akin to rubbing a balloon and building it up with static electricity. Then they snap. Many cats do this. You could be petting too hard, in the same spot for too long, in a way they DON'T like at all.

    One of my cats is a full body WHORE. He loves it, no matter where you pet him. We get love nips, then back to rubbing himself all over the place and more pets. BUT, he has a limit. When he starts to grab us with his paws and bite in earnest, we stop. He has reached maximum kitty pets and is done. This can take 5 minutes or 15, depends on what mood he's in. My other cat? Head, ears, chin, THE END. You try anywhere else and you're getting legit BIT on the hand. He does not like his body pet in long strokes. We can get away with one or two in passing, but that's it. Not even butt scratches!

    And how did I learn this? Cats are not shy about telling you where and how to be pet. I learned this trick from my friend, who learned it from her vet, and this could take a whole day, or a few, and make notes. Stick out two fingers in front of his face and let him guide YOU. He may go right for the chin, so scratch and put out two fingers again. He may duck and have you pet her ears, so scratch, stick out two fingers again. He may rub up on the right side with her body, so GENTLY pet, try again. Count how long he likes to be pet, where, how hard and soft, and when he bites you, STOP. He's done. They do have a limit.

    Some cats just like to hang out and not be pet. Some will "flirt," making you think they want to be pet, but it's a ploy (my boy does this ALL the time, and we know better). Some just enjoy mindless petting (my other boy, the Body WHORE, can lay on a lap and be pet for 2-3 hours and fall asleep). You can learn what your cat likes easy as letting him guide you. And you will bond better once you learn how he likes it, when to leave him alone, and when to stop. 

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