What has a soul and what doesn’t?

If people are essentially “chaotic systems” (that’s how the brain works if we don’t have free will) 

If we don’t have free will do things other than humans have spirits or souls?

Would an airplane have a soul? It can move on its own, process information, and react to external forces?

Would a computer have a soul? It can be a causal agent, and can process information?

Would a star or planet have a soul?

Would a black hole have a soul?

Would an atom have a soul?

Is a soul essentially The bonding force that holds a chAotic system together (gravity and gravity like forces?

Would say a “binary system” have a soul as well because the two parts share and transfer momentum and information between each other.

For example a dancing pair pass momentum and mass between each other and would a binary black hole have a soul in addition to the souls the black holes have?


Where does a black hole’s soul go once it evaporates? Does the soul of a black hole go to heaven?

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  • 5 months ago

    Scientists do not agree on the definition of a soul or methods of detecting a "soul." Thanks to the first amendment, you are protected by law to practice any non-supremacist religion (a religion that does not include government penalties for non-observance). Beware those seeking to outlaw or enforce any religion.

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    6 months ago

    Like the existence of gods, the soul is a grand delusion;

    nothing more than a fantasy of the mind.

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