I am in a huge bind need advice?

 I live in an area with not many jobs aside from hospitality paying minimum wage in a resort town. I left a really good job for my now (ex) husband. I could not find any sustainable work here. 

For 3 years I have worked as a substitute teacher. I am paid for the days I work. I worked FT making 150.00 per day. The district just let us know that substitute teachers will be taking a pay cut almost in half at 80.00 per day. The districts “reopening plan” is a mess. All schools will be closed every Monday for virtual leaning. Every Monday parents, teachers, and staff will be notified if the county is in “red”, “yellow”, or “green”Red; high spread of covid all virtual learning Orange: medium spread of covid schools will be full time twice a week Tues and Thurs the rest will be virtual Green: low spread of covid school in session 4 days a week. As a substitute we cannot legally teach virtually. I have enough money to sustain myself for 6 months. I live alone I’m 30 and divorced no kids. I own a home that’s paid off. I’m strongly considering selling my house and moving to an area with more industry. I’ve had several interviews that are (semi-entry level) but as soon as they hear I’m not in the area they aren’t interested at all. Most seem to want to fill positions very quickly (within days) and I can’t get there that fast. It is understandable that most entry level/semi entry level jobs won’t hire me as they can easily get candidates locally.Would you sell and move with no job? 

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    6 months ago
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    Here's something to try.

    Leave your address off your resume and don't tell them you haven't moved yet.  Be prepared to travel on a couple of days notice to get to the interview.  If they ask you to fill out an application which will require your address,use your current address, and if they ask about it, tell them that you've already relocated and are staying with family until you get settled in your new job, but that this address is your current mailing address.

    As for whether or not to sell your home with no job, you can always list it and see what happens.  If you get a stellar offer (i.e. way above asking price), you can decide whether you want to accept it or not.  And if you get lackluster offers, simply decline those offers.

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    6 months ago

    Where I live, people with teaching experience can easily find work as a private tutor. Might be a good side gig for you.

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