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Should I take a Pregnancy test, even though I'm on Depo?

I've been on depo for about almost 5 months.

Before having sex, I was getting signs of probable PMS (it never came, and was extremely odd in the first place, for I have never had that happen).

Its been six days after having intercourse, multiple times with S/O (where he did not pull out)

I've having cramping (in uterus and lower back) and spotting, very sore/sensitive  breasts, bad bloating w/ constipation. I get very bad acid re-flux, and occasional nausea.

I have never had these symptoms with birth control in the past (about a year ago, I took BC pills). My first shot never did this to me in the first three months.

I would have to wait another week for test (since hormones don't show well til then) , but signs can show up early.


My breasts has become slightly swollen and my bra doesn't fit correctly now. My S/O also confirmed this. I decided to talk/ask my mother about my symptoms , and she became concerned and repeatedly asking if I'm pregnant.

I'm going to see my OBGYN soon and see if it may just be the Depo or PMS.

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    No.  None of your "symptoms" are due to pregnancy because an egg hasn't had time to implant yet, so no hormones.  Your symptoms do sound like PMS. Most women have no "symptoms" of pregnancy until well after they have missed a period. 

    Depo prevents ovulation. You can only get pregnant if sperm fertilized an egg within 24 hours of ovulation.  Since you aren't ovulating, there really is no chance of fertilization.  If you were ovulating at the time of sex, it would still take about 5+ days for the egg to implant.  Only then would your hormones start to change.  It would take about another two weeks for there to be enough HCG in your urine to show.

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