How do I make pop art about fashion?

1 Answer

  • 6 months ago

    If I tell you then I will want part of the credit for your piece. If you his is for a school assignment then I want a transcript with the grades you get to add to my education background resume. I'd this is for publication or public display I want credit by name and if you recieved monetary compensation then I want some of that because it was MY IDEA,  NOT YOURS  I deserve the credit, not you. If this is just a personal project then do your own personal work. If you don't want to share money or credit then do your own work. 

    Since  I am not telling you what to do I will tell you where to start since you have no clue. This is a condensation of what people are taught in university level art school. To make pop art about fashion first learn what pop art is (and what it is not) and learn what fashion is (and is not) With a better understanding of both you can develop a concept as you research and then develop a work that visualizes the concept. And remember, True art isn't just pretty pictures and this is even more true for modern and post modern art.

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