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Genital herpes and insemination?

My best friend and I have been friends for the past 15 years (I’m 36). I start to ovulate next week and have already did my first insemination. He usually tells me any and everything but told me that he had been diagnosed with genital herpes in his twenties (he is 37) now after we inseminated. He claims that he never Took meds for it and that was that (wtf!) Everything was done with a syringe but now I’m worried because I have been std/sti free my whole life, not even a yeast infection. What is the likelihood of me catching herpes now? He has an appointment to be tested for everything again (the only test he had done was the hiv/aids test two weeks ago) which was negative.. but herpes stays in your system treated or not and I’m freaking out. 

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    Zero through being inseminated. You're unlikely to get herpes with out having intercourse or oral sex. The baby isn't likely to get it either. It's not passed through genetics, it's passed if the mother has a break out while she delivers the baby.

    HIV and herpes are not related. Herpes doesn't have a cure so it will be with you for ever if you have it. You don't have to get treatment for it, unless you're in a relationship or if you have sever or frequent break outs. Some people that contract herpes only get a few break outs at the start, then they don't have another one or they may not have another break out for months or years later. 

    If you think you were exposed to herpes then get tested for it. 

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    That's so fuckeddddddd. Did u not know before hand that he had been diagnosed with Herpes? Yes it does stay forever but maybe he suppressed the virus by being healthy. If that's the case then u might be safe but its not 100% so still tell everything to a gynecologist or urologist because its a serious matter and im disappointed in ur friend because who tf does that. If u we're once detected herpes it stays forever. Anyhow go get checked and speak to a gyno or urologist. Go to a specialist not a random doctor or pediatrician or general doctor

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