I need a Kedney doctor! Pleases!!!!?

I water fasted for 8 days and then broke the water fast with fruits but after a couple of hours that same day I ate foods like meat and rice. That was 6 days ago and 4 days ago I started to feel a pain in my left and right flank, vomit, swelling in face,hands and feet, metallic taste in my mouth, itchiness in the back and feel of cold. my urine is clear. the pain in my flanks is not that bad but hurts a bit. I had kedney stones when I was an 8 year boy and got them removed I know that pain... this is kind of similar but super small. What should I do??? Go to the doctor???

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    Go to your local A&E Dept (ER) now and mention your history of kidney stones.

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