How to build a "economy"? (see label)?

I see a lot that people have private distilleries, gyms, a lot of fields, etc. How can an ordinary person create this? I know it's not going fast. What do these people do extra / different?

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    6 months ago
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    I guess you start off small and build it up. So you start with one field, a small gym or you buy an existing distillery or purchase a small set up to begin with. As the business grows, you scale up. You reinvest earnings into building something bigger or larger scale. So you might buy a second field, move your gym to bigger premises or buy more equipment for your distillery or extend the facility. The same would probably go for a farm, factory, fairground or theme park, financial services, property development, transport/logistics, etc. Unless you have lots of money to begin with, or you have wealthy backers or investors, you probably need to start small and grow your business

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