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Why does Canada have a ‘Prime Minister’ and not a President?

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    6 months ago

    Because it uses a parliamentary system it inherited from the British Empire. 

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    6 months ago

    What Karen said. Then consider France, which has a prime minister AND a president xD

    Just another way of operating a government. 

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    Because Canada is a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy, following the British model of government, while the US is a republic. Since the US was basically founded in rebellion against Britain, the last thing the US wanted was to give everything the same names as Britain did.

    The Canadian government is composed of a Cabinet, which is composed of Ministers, each one with a certain responsibility for some section of what the government has to look after. Agriculture, perhaps, or Finance, or Industry.  The head of all these Ministers is the Prime Minister.  Prime means 'first'. He is the top Minister.

    One of the meanings of the word minister is 'someone who acts under the authority of another'. Ministers in a Constitutional monarchy are acting under the authority of the monarch, in the same way as a minister of a church is acting under the authority of God.

    I'm simplifying, but that's why explains why Canada has a Prime Minister.

    Canada also has senators, but they aren't the same as US senators.

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