Implantation bleeding or not?

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    There is NOTHING special about what the blood would look like if it was implantation bleeding.

    Showing it does NOT help anyone tell you if it is or is not.

    BREAKTHROUGH bleeding is any bleeding that happens when a period is not due.  It can happen for MANY reasons.  It can be anything from a few spots to seeming like an actual period or even heavier than an actual period.  Implantation bleeding is ONE of those many reasons that breakthrough bleeding might happen.  No matter what was causing the breakthrough bleeding - it can have any appearance from brown to pink to bright red or dark red.  There really is nothing special about what it looks like that helps identify the real cause.  

    If this is implantation bleeding, then you should get a positive pregnancy test in about seven more days.  

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