What are theses in Texas when it comes to letting an employee go?

I work at a Little Caesars in Texas. Over the past couple years, I’ve worked at 4 different stores and while I run into the occasional lazy employees, I’ve never had any drama or serious problems with anyone. I’m an assistant manager at our current store, and I’m fairly new to the store. I’ve only been there for 2 months and our gm has only been there for 3. I was told when I first started that the store was experiencing a lot of problems so the gm and I have been working hard to turn this store around. The biggest problem we face is a weak management team. We’ve hired 2 new managers that have helped immensely, but the 2 existing managers make our job hard. One of them isn’t as big of a deal. While he frustrates me sometimes, he for the most part does his job. The closing manager however, is completely unfit for a management position. I believe he got the position because at the time they were short on managers and desperately needed someone. He half asses his night shift duties, allows the crew to slack off and constantly disrespects the gm and I in front of the crew. As a result, a lot of the crew have been behaving in the same way as him. It’s amazing how much negativity one person can bring into the store. The gm and I would like to get rid of him as soon as possible, but our district manager is reluctant to do so, because he’s afraid this guy will come back on us and try to say we wrongful fired him. What are the laws when it comes to firing someone? Does he have a case?


The laws, not theses lol

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    You can fire him for any reason, or no reason.  Document his failure to do his duty and his insubordination, and fire him, it is very simple.  "We don't think you do a good enough job" is enough.

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    As an assistant manager along with a GM, you both should already know the employment law as it applies to the basics of the position you claim to be in

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