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Have you ever tried beating toxicity in a video game with kindness or just being overly kind?

I don't have too much experience but I do have a time when a person got mad.

They started accusing me of playing unfairly and that I was really bad at the game. Now considering the fact that I had to get one player out fast and he was a easy target I chose him, he did give me a run for my money though. 

because of that (and because i fear being mean online (like seriously being mean in public is weirdly easier...)) I decided to combat his toxicity with kindness. 

I admitted that I did target him consistently and said that I did that to win because I wasn't good enough to win without doing that. Then I pointed out his skill of avoiding me during when I was targeting him. After that I admitted that I would like to play with him because he was surprisingly good. 

And then what was originally a toxic dude in a game that made me feel bad ended up becoming a friend that admittedly was a hot headed teen. 

Honestly I think I'll take my lesson to heart. 


But do you have any similar encounters with toxic people that were good people but were just being hot headed? or you just managed to make toxic people not so toxic with kindness?

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