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We are in hard lockdown where i am, my so called “good” friend of 25 plus years has not even texted me to see if I’m doing ok, delete her?

From my life?

I have texted her (she hates talking on the  phone and is not on messenger or social media) 

Feel angry and alone, she has ignored me..

Should I ignore her from now?

It takes two to keep up a f/ship and two to make an effort..

It is Always me.

We are both single and live alone.


People who makezeto effort when you try are not worth it?

Or are they..

Update 2:

We Are not allowed to see friends or family 

Update 3:

She has texted me one word or short answers never asking how i am, yes i asked after her

Update 4:

Reported for abuse “choko”

Do not answer if you cannot be kind and helpful,  criticism is not needed

Update 5:

Read my updates!!!

Yes I her!! More than once..

Update 6:


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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    She hates you, forget her.

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