Will I be able to find a job? (College student)?

I’m a junior at a relatively prestigious college with a 4.0 GPA but I have close to no real work experience in the industry I want to to work in. I’m a business major with plans to work in marketing, but I feel like I have no real skills that companies are looking for. 

I did well in my classes but the amount of marketing that I learned was extremely general and not really applicable knowledge.

I haven’t found an internship, and it feels like all internships want candidates with hard skills that I never learned in school or actual work experience.

I do well in school and I’m involved on campus doing social media management for some clubs, but I feel so underprepared for the actual working world I’m afraid I won’t be able to find a job when I graduate. 

Any advice for a college student who doesn’t know what she’s doing with her life?


Please actually be helpful. I do have some work experience, I’ve been working at a family restaurant since I was 8, but even if I do as much work as hired workers, it’s not really something I can be proud to put on my resume. I also had one internship but I was barely allowed to do anything so I’d rather say I didn’t have one at all.

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  • 2 months ago

    Since you already have some experience in social media marketing, take some courses in that field to broaden your knowledge base. Courses involving video production could be useful, but get an advisor who is familiar with online marketing who can recommend specific courses for you. Social media marketing is a growing field, one that both large and small companies are making use of. Several of my family members are involved in social media marketing for major companies that you have heard of. Try to get an internship next summer to expand your job experience. And do put your previous internship on your resume' even if you don't think you learned anything. 

  • 2 months ago

    It will depends on several factors, so consider these things:

    1. Employers hire skills, knowledge, ambition, and attitude.  You have to translate your academic skills (reading, writing, analyzing, etc.) into the requires posted for a given job.

    2. Your ability to get a job will depends on how far you are willing to go and how broad of a net you are willing to cast. Where are you willing to move to?  What industries are you willing to work in?  

    3. Every industry requires marketing and "marketing" is a very broad terms that covers a lot of different activities.  

    4.You are just starting your junior year now, so you haven't actually taken very many classes towards you major. You should work with your advisor to select those courses that will give you the specific skills that also meet your major requirements. 

    I'd suggest you meet with a career counselor at your university, as well as look at the job descriptions of jobs you might want.  On Indeed, search "social media marketing." Also, now is the time to start looking for internships for next summer. You need to get your feet wet. and learn to apply what you know.  You may also need to develop some specific skills outside the classroom. 

  • John
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    2 months ago

    Breaking into business after graduating can indeed often be challenging.  But yes, you will find a career position sooner or later.  Having a good GPA is not necessarily helpful during a job search, as a good GPA is expected.  A low GPA, however, is certainly harmful.  The prestigious college can be a 2 edged sword, depending upon the kind of company in which you want to work.  Large companies will like it, smaller companies might think you may soon leave them.  

    Since you are a junior, you have not yet taken many of your upper division courses.  That is why you only feel you know the basics.  Regarding "hard skills" you lack, you probably know what those are.  Take steps to learn them.  Finally, college students tend not to have much career job experience.  You need to be able to extrapolate what you can do to what an employer is looking for.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Just a little tip: Your GPA and the college you attended have almost little to no impact on whether you can land a job or not. So quit telling everyone you went to a prestigious University and broadcasting your GPA. Also, being a social butterfly in college won't' help you land a job either

    You have little real-world experience and that will likely hurt you.

    Instead of partying and memorizing facts during college, you should have gotten a job to gain the experience.

    EDIT: It's idiotic to exempt something from your resume just because you think it will look weird. You're essentially shooting yourself in the foot by not putting those things on your resume.

    Also, I'm sorry if you don't like my answer. But that's just reality. Employees don't care about your grades or the school you attended. They are more interested in you being a team player, hard worker etc..you sound very sensitive.

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