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How Do I Make CrossFit Compatible With My Goals?

Hi, I'm a 22-year-old, 5'9 male who weighs 170 lb. I'm currently 21-22% body fat. I get 9-11 hours of sleep per night, often very late (e.g. 5 a.m. - 3 p.m.) but also pretty random. My BMR is 1,947 calories, so my TDEE is probably around 2,500 calories. I do CrossFit an hour a day, 5 days a week. I used to be and probably still could be considered skinny-fat.

I'll be trying to recomp at 2,500 calories (200g protein, 55g fat, 300g carbs), but plan B is to lean bulk at 3,000 calories (200g protein, 67g fat, 400g carbs), then cut down to 10% body fat.

I have a cheat day once a week on average. I'll eat 4,566 calories, 159g protein, 140g fat, and 417g carbs, which includes 9 16-proof alcoholic drinks. These are the only days I can let loose and have fun, so I'll only forgo/reduce this if absolutely necessary.

My main goal is to look muscular and lean like the man in the photo I attached to this post. My secondary goal is performance; to be as fit/athletic as possible.

At my local box, 50% of the time, we start with 15-20 minutes of heavy lifting. The metcons vary between 12-30 minutes. Since reopening, we haven't been doing barbell bench presses, back squats, 1RM front squats, or progressive overload programs (e.g. 8-5-3-2-1 squats on Mondays). At my local box, we are allowed to stay after class and use any of the equipment.

Should I change nothing at all, add progressive overload lifting after class, or write my own programming instead of the prescribed workouts?

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    To look like that, you'll need about 10@ body fat or less.  No need to bulk per se, that isn't a particularly large guy.

  • Guber
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    IMHO:  Too much protein.  I know, you're going by what guys say, but that much can be hard on your kidneys.  As for the booze, you're joking, right?  One other thing.  Starting ANY workout with "heavy lifting" is a bad idea.  You need some time to let your system adjust to increased activity - your heart rate to come up, your joints to warm up, etc.

    Good luck, and enjoy training!

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