Does keeping nicotine a good amount of time in your lungs make you feel more relaxed?

Most of my friends use e-gigs, I buy them once a month but, when I first started trying them with a few hits my body felt super releaved and slower. So, does keeping the vapor in your longs increase the amount of nicotine in your lungs to feel more releaved or does it have the same effect as smoking it as a regular cigarette? Before with just 4 hits I would feel slow and relaxed, now it takes up to 10-15 hits. I know eventually this might have a bad effect on my health but I’m thinking on the short therm



1 Answer

  • Minni
    Lv 6
    2 months ago

    Ask a physician. You might not have a long time to find out the affect on your health and the damaging results might be permanent.

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