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I have nausea . Is it possible i have covid 19? ?

My farts smell bad . 

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  • 2 months ago

    Flatulence(farting)is strongest when the colon releases waste to the rectum for discharging from the body. The rectum is really just a holding tank of waste awaiting a bowel movement. Try to have a daily bowel movement before fecal waste impacts the rectum. Generally, medical experts say fever is the first symptom to exhibit concerning COVET-19. A sore throat and congested sinuses follow and nausea is not far behind that may signal a common cold or worse. I always have these mentioned symptoms when I catch a cold. I have had the annual Flu shot every year since 1976, and I have never had the Flu. I am told that Flu symptoms contain all the mentioned events plus muscle pain and soreness. Fever above 100 degrees for a few days may indicate the Flu or worse(maybe COVET-19).This might be the time to get tested for the coronavirus.


  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    While you are out getting checked for Covid, have them run a psychiatric evaluation on you as well.  Seems like you have issues.

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